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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


1...BLACKS FOR TRUMP thanks President TRUMP in remembrance of BLACKS FOR TRUMP bro. Howard, Who was Killed after threats for supporting TRUMP!! See #3.
See 20second video of band perform at URL below

2...My Band would like to perform at Ron DeSantis’s Inauguration with big Stars for free. Can bring big stars to perform for free in Tallahassee at the inauguration to show Black & White unity: one 40 minute show with each star doing one or two songs, they are also some of the Blacks for Trump sign holders: The Supremes, the Marveletts, Pretty Ricky, Pleasure P, Michael Sterlin, Luke's LeJuan Love, Puerto Rican Stars Tito Puente Jr. & the Star studded BOSS Band Featuring guitarist Clyde McPhatter Jr. BLACKS FOR TRUMP just want to be apart of the greatest Inauguration in Florida’s History & thank the new Gov. RON DESANTIS & TRUMP! From year 2000 til now my BOSS Band has performed for every Republican Presidential Candidate we were the first band play for tromp in 2011 in Boca Raton when he first announced that he was running for president but decided not to but our band is the band played for Trump with Tito Puente Jr. & introduced Trump on stage after we endorsed Trump & michael with 20 black men & women standing behind Trump on TV we even performed at Gov. Scott's inauguration, Allen West's run & Marco Rubio's run. Michael even sang one song at President Bush's Ball See 2 min. URL of band & stars perform for free for Republicans getting in office see video

Maurice Symonette aka Michael the Black Man/the Black Republicans SpeaK Bosslive144@yahoo.com Radio Talk Show host Since 1995 I & my BOSS Group Guys have been helping the Republicans & the TEA PARTY see 1 min. I'm bringing 40 to 100 Black Men & Women who listen to my radio show & classes on gods2.com & think like me & know the TRUTH. We'll come by Bus to Trumps Inauguration to show Latin Black & White did Unite & now in unity standing with President Trump & the Republicans wearing white sweaters that say on front:
2. Blacks for Trump 2020 sign
We also invite Mr. DeSantis & Trump as The Main or guest speakers for Americangala.com VET. event July 26th or 27th or 28th 2019 at Miami's Down Town Bayfront Park either one of those days he can choose to come to speak to help our VETS at the AGA Event with 100 Latin, Black & White Stars to show unity in the community! disprove the Republicans are Racist Lie, that was Democrats only hope to win! Now time for Republicans to win 95% of the Black Vote yes!
Phone 7868599421 or 5616190398
Email Bigboss1043@yahoo.com

Michael the Black Man sings Tenderly while Clyde McPhatter Jr. one the greatest Guitarist in the World plays. McPhatters father was the lead singer of the singing group the Drifters!